Client Counseling

Selected Matters. Nick Jollymore counsels clients in commercial, print publishing and digital matters and has drafted and negotiated many contracts governing general business, media content and intellectual property rights.

  1. Defamation (libel and slander).  Nick advises ISPs, publishers and writers on defamation, and he reviews blog posts, websites, manuscripts, articles and books for defamation issues prior to posting or publication.
  2. Advertising. Nick counsels clients on sponsorship, marketing, promotion and advertising, including sweepstakes promotion, event sponsorship, charitable co-promotions, native advertising, and media integration. He negotiates and drafts contracts in these areas.
  3. Digital Development. Nick has drafted and negotiated contracts for website design and development, application development, mobile phone apps, content links, digital display and other digital use contracts for footage, designs and other content.
  4. Database Supply & Licensing. Nick has drafted and negotiated numerous contracts for database access and use of data by outside parties.
  5. U.K. Data Privacy Agreements. Nick set in place a number of data privacy agreements to allow the transfer of PII between UK and USA databases.
  6. Digital and Print Photography and Design. Nick counsels photographers, designers, illustrators designer. He drafts agreements for freelance photographers, photo agencies, and photograph licensing. He has acquired photo rights from A-list celebrities. He organized a corporate wide digital rights acquisition initiative for Time Inc.
  7. Authors and Writers. Nick advises bloggers, journalists and other authors in their relationships with media, online and print publishers, and content aggregators. He negotiates and drafts author agreements, freelance writer agreements, book excerpt contracts, photo agency agreements and freelance photographer contracts, and work-made-for hire agreements.
  8. Contracts and Breach of Contract. Nick has advised clients on claims of breach of many kinds of commercial contracts, including supply contracts, syndication agreements, insurance contracts, and warranties in contracts.
  9. Corporate Formation and Dissolution. Nick sets up partnerships, joint ventures and a variety corporations (business corporations, LLCs, PCs, and Subchapter S corporations) and advises clients on legal issues concerning their operation and dissolution.