Selected Transactions. Nicholas J. Jollymore has worked with other lawyers on many significant corporate transactions at Time Inc. Below is a list of representative deals.

  1. Trademark and Copyright Licenses.

For over ten years, Nick was the attorney for all trademark and copyright licenses for the launch of Time Inc.’s magazines and websites internationally. Nick drafted and negotiated trademark and copyright licenses for the launches of more than fifteen magazine and/or website brands in more than 30 countries.

The first launch was a licensed version of PEOPLE magazine in Taiwan in 1997. It was followed by launches of magazines and/or websites branded with trademarks including FORTUNE, GOLF, INSTYLE (now licensed in seventeen countries), POPULAR SCIENCE, REAL SIMPLE (now licensed in thirteen countries), PEOPLE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and TIME.

In addition, Nick has handled numerous domestic U.S. copyright and trademark licenses in many varied contexts.

  1. Acquisitions of Businesses.
    • U.K: IPC Media. Nick represented Time Inc. and Time Warner Inc. in the acquisition of the U.K.’s largest magazine/internet publisher, IPC Media Ltd., in 2001. The deal presented complex U.S. and U.K. legal issues, including managing interests in affiliated joint ventures, FCPA compliance, U.K. data protection and EU Commission clearance.
    • Other U.K. Acquisitions. Nick represented Time Inc. or IPC in on other U.K. acquisitions, including the habitat magazine Wallpaper in 2002, an equestrian magazine in 2006, and a leading yachting magazine in 2006.  Nick later negotiated a deal to sell Wallpaper.
    • Mexico.  Nick represented Time Inc. in the 2005 acquisition of Grupo Editorial Expansión (“GEE”) in Mexico, the publisher of 15 high-end consumer and business magazines including the flagship business publication Expansión and the celebrity and human interest magazine Quien. The deal was a complex international transaction with compliance, regulatory, labor, and intellectual property aspects.
    • Other Mexico Acquisitions. After the acquisition of GEE, we acquired several internet companies in Mexico.
  2. Sales of Businesses.
    • Australia. We conducted an auction in Australia to license InStyle magazine and to sell three other Time Inc.-owned magazines in 2007. In the auction, we sold Practical Parenting, Bride To Be, and Who Weekly (an Australian edition of People magazine in the U.S.), plus website rights, to Pacific Publications, headquartered in Sydney.
    • Hong Kong. Nick negotiated Time Inc.'s sale of Emphasis Ltd., an in-flight magazine and custom publishing company based in Hong Kong, in 2001 to an Asia-based media company.
    • Japan. We sold President Inc., the publisher of President magazine (which licensed content from Fortune magazine in the U.S.) to a local Japanese company. President Inc. was originally a joint venture between Time Inc. and Diamond Publishing in Japan, which later became wholly owned by a Time Inc. affiliate when we purchased Diamond’s interest on behalf of Time Inc.
  3. Joint Ventures.
    • Japan. We set up a kumia (a Japanese joint venture) with Hachette to launch a Japanese language version of Elle magazine in Japan. We later sold Time Inc.’s interest in the joint venture to Hachette.
    • U.K. We set up a UK procurement joint venture for certain magazine publishers.
    • Japan. We set up a distribution and fulfillment joint venture in Tokyo with IBM-Japan, and later sold our stake in the joint venture to IBM.